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Pet Portrait Photo Guidelines


The most important part of ordering a pet portrait is submitting a great photo of your pup so I can see all their cute details and colors clearly. Here are some guidelines to help you submit the best image possible:

  • Choose a photo that is well lit, daytime lighting is ideal.
  • Try to get a photo where your pet is front facing the camera. We can make it work if they are positioned at an angle, just know that they will be drawn at that angle. 
  • Try to capture an image of our pet at eye level instead of looking up or down at the camera
  • Try to make sure their full face is visible and not cropped out of the photo
  • Use a smartphone or high quality camera 
Good Example:
Good Lighting
Facing Forward
Eye Level
Bad Examples - featuring my own dog (and muse), Franklin:
Shadows on Face
Looking Backward
Not Eye Level
Shadows on Face
Ears and Face are Cropped
Face is Cropped
Not Eye Level
Unclear If Dog, Baby, or Extra-terrestrial


Not sure if you have something that fits the guidelines? Reach out to me at dogs@awaymessage.co and send what you have, most likely we can make it work! :)